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Wild Bird Food

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Fats & Suets are classically used for feeding wild birds during the winter time as they need the extra energy to fatten up & keep warm. Suets can be fed all year round as a highly nutritious snack, it is also eaten by a wide range of birds so is great for attracting a more diverse crowd.

Mealworms are the preffered snack of Britains favourite garden visitor, the Robin. Robins also enjoy Fats & Suets but Mealworms are their favourite for year round munching. Mealworms will also attract blackbirds & other insect eaters that enjoy an easy snack.

Seed Blends are the classic way of feeding your feathered garden visitors all year round. We have a wide range of seed blends that are suited towards certain seasons or ou can get the popular Versele Laga 4 Seasons Mix which can help attract a wide array of birds.

Straights are a great way of targeting specific breeds so that you only get certain birds visiting your garden. One great example is Niger Seed which Bullfinches cannot get enough of.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results