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Wild Bird Accessories

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Choosing the right feeders for your garden is an important decision. It determines what type of bird come sinto your garden to feed, what you can feed them & whether pesky squirrells can get hold of their food. Here at Petzilla we stock a wide range of feeders for seed, nuts & even suet.

Nesting Boxes give a family of wild birds a safe haven for them to nest & hide out in. Nest boxes are mostly used in the winter & spring whenthe weather is harshest & also when the chicks are hatching. Here at Petzilla we stock a range of nest boxes varying in size, material & colour so as to suit the birds that visit your garden & also the colour scheme around your house.

Bird Tables are a useful addition to any garden if you wish to increase the amont of wild birds visiting for a nibble. Bird Tables are much more versatile in what you can feed the birds with, you can add mealworms, suets, fats & seeds to help bring in the widest range of birds possible.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 results