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Versele-Laga Classic

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Petzilla offers a fantastic range of caged bird food for a variety of different birds whether they are finches, canaries or large parrots. We have chosen products Bucktons, Versele Laga and Johnston & Jeff. There are maintenance  diets for birds ranging from Parrots and Canaries to Finches, as well as a wide selection of Straights with which you can make our own recipes.  We also stock specialist diets for growth, moulting, egg production and enhancing the colour of your canaries. Fast delivery and Free delivery options available.

Petzilla offers a comprehensive range of pigeon feed which is able to provide the food for birds that need extra conditioning, moulting nutrients & trapping mixtures for birds preparing for a race. Petzilla offers a selecton of pigeon food to suit your birds needs, including breeding feeds, racing feeds, moulting feeds, straights and general purpose feeds. Free and Fast delivery options available.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 results