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Petzilla offers a fantastic range of bird supplies for your feathered friends. We stock an excellent  variety of bird cages, toys, perches & much much more. Fast delivery and Free delivery options are also available. 

Petzilla offers a fantastic range of caged bird food for a variety of different birds whether they are finches, canaries or large parrots. We have chosen products Bucktons, Versele Laga and Johnston & Jeff. There are maintenance  diets for birds ranging from Parrots and Canaries to Finches, as well as a wide selection of Straights with which you can make our own recipes.  We also stock specialist diets for growth, moulting, egg production and enhancing the colour of your canaries. Fast delivery and Free delivery options available.

Petzilla offers a fantastic range of useful bird supplements & remedies. Including multivitamins and cuttlefish bones or more specific conditioning supplements and airway clearers. two of our main brands are Versele Laga and Verm-X. Fast and free delivery options available.

Buy Cat Food from Petzilla the UK's favourite online pet supermarket. We supply cat food in several forms whether your kitty prefers dry, tinned, pouched, trayed or even frozen food we can supply it. We have a wide range of brands available from the top of the range Taste of the Wild down to the more commonplace Whiskas & Iams which is much more well known. Our range also caters for cats with special needs whether they need a grain free diet, one that is hypoallergenic or foods that can help cats maintain an ideal weight in an indoor environment. Come and have a look at our great deals!!

Petzilla offers an excellent range of cat litter & litter accessories. Including top selling brands such as Catsan and Sanicat. We stock a variety of cat litter to suit every moggys needs & the tools to help you deal with any mishaps. Fast delivery and Free delivery options available

Petzilla stocks a great range of dog food from the leading brands including Pedigree, Royal Canin, James Wellbeloved, Burns, Iams, Hills, Eukanuba, Arden Grange, Pooch & Mutt and many many more. Whatever shape, size or age of dog, Petzilla has a food to suit his need and your budget. With a great range for sale, including specialist hypoallergenic diets, weight control diets, breed specific diets and working dog foods. Get your dog food delivered to your door with free delivery options available. Feeding your dog has never been easier!

We stock an exclusive range of grooming products suitable for a wide range of dogs, whether you are preparing them for a show or they just need a good scrub after their morning walk. In our Grooming Equipment category yo will find combs, clippers, slicker rushes, Furminators, pretty much all the gear you need to cut, comb & style your dogs fur. The Dog Shampoo range we have products from Wahl, JVP & many oter brands to sud up your dogs coat. Everything else should be found in the Dog Coat Care category.

Petzilla stocks a great range of dog supplements & remedies, from leading UK brands including PetSpec, Bob Martin, Global Herbs, Johnsons Veterinary Products, NAF, Versele Laga and Verm X. Whether you need a calming supplement to help relax your dog during stressful situations like bonfire night, joint supplements for the older or working dog or just a general health supplement to keep you dog in top condition, Petzilla has the dog supplement for you. Our great range of dog supplements are available for sale online, with fast delivery and free delivery options.

Petzilla stocks a great range of fish & reptile food from the leading brands including King British, API, Aquarium and many many more.  Whether you have a single gold fish, a tank of tropical fish or a group of turtles lunging around, Petzilla has the food to suit your needs and your budget. Fast delivery and Free Delivery options straight to your door. Looking after your fih & reptiles has never been easier!

Within the household products we have a range of products including lint rollers, floor cleaners, odour removers, stain removers, runners, wipes, the list goes on & on. Whether you are looking to make your house easier to maintain or you need a helping hand with all the dander there is a product here for you.

Accessories for your pigeons are few & far between, here at petzilla we have decided upon a range of nesting & travel products which wil help keep your birds warm, safe & comfortable no matter where you take them.

Petzilla offers a comprehensive range of pigeon feed which is able to provide the food for birds that need extra conditioning, moulting nutrients & trapping mixtures for birds preparing for a race. Petzilla offers a selecton of pigeon food to suit your birds needs, including breeding feeds, racing feeds, moulting feeds, straights and general purpose feeds. Free and Fast delivery options available.

Showing 1 - 12 of 17 results