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Petzilla offers a fantastic range of Cat Health Care & hygiene products, including top brands such as Simple Solutions, Johnsons Veterinary Products and Sanicat. Also available are a selection of cat supplements for all your cats health needs. Fast and Free delivery options available

Petzilla stocks a great range of dog supplements & remedies, from leading UK brands including PetSpec, Bob Martin, Global Herbs, Johnsons Veterinary Products, NAF, Versele Laga and Verm X. Whether you need a calming supplement to help relax your dog during stressful situations like bonfire night, joint supplements for the older or working dog or just a general health supplement to keep you dog in top condition, Petzilla has the dog supplement for you. Our great range of dog supplements are available for sale online, with fast delivery and free delivery options.

Here at Petzilla we have been growing our Smallholder & farm feed section dramatically to cater for people that enjoy keeping larger animals like cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, llamas, alpacas, the list goes on & on. We have chosen some of the best available mixtures & foods designed for these animals so you can be sure that they will stay healthy & happy.

Controlling the parasites in and around your farm shold come as a priority as worms & other nasties can seriously damage the health of your livestock. As well as worms you should also be aware of maggots, tics & other nasty blood suckers, thankfully we have products that can aid in the battle against them & prevent them from getting there in the first place.

Here at Petzilla we have collected a range of pigeon hygiene, treament & worming products to help you & yor birds get over rough patches in their health as smoothly as possible. The hygiene category encompasses products which ensure their environment is kept safe & clean, expect to find loft granules & disinfectants there. The Treatments range gives us a wide range of treatments for common & not so common issues that pigeons run into such as runny eyes, scaly legs, blocked noses & all sorts. The Wormers category is left seperate as tese products are much more specific in their need & use. Fast & Free delivery options are available.

Small Animal Health Care products are few and far between but here at Petzilla we have collected the best around to make it easier for you to find what our pet needs. Whether they are after a supplement, worming programme or need cleaning products for their hutch, we have just about everything right here.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results