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The Farm Accessories group is still growing with more & more products coming in for smallholders to use wit teir larger animals. We do have a wide range fo poultry feeders, drinkers & troughs which help reduce mess whilst feeding. We also have a good selection of chicken coops to give any poultry a comfortable place to stay when outside.

Petzilla stocks a great range of fish & reptile food from the leading brands including King British, API, Aquarium and many many more.  Whether you have a single gold fish, a tank of tropical fish or a group of turtles lunging around, Petzilla has the food to suit your needs and your budget. Fast delivery and Free Delivery options straight to your door. Looking after your fih & reptiles has never been easier!

This range of products is more focused towards the fish & waterborn reptiles. Within here is a range of products designed to alter the environment of your pets whether the water needs dechlorinating, needs more algae growing, less algae growing or even just a simple test for pH to see if your fish are in an ideal environment. Check out the range fast & free delivery options are available.

Small Animal Health Care products are few and far between but here at Petzilla we have collected the best around to make it easier for you to find what our pet needs. Whether they are after a supplement, worming programme or need cleaning products for their hutch, we have just about everything right here.

Within the Wild Bird Accessories category you can expect find a whole host of products including feeders, tables, bird baths, nesting boxes & oter contraptions that can help you attract more wild birds into your garden.

Petzilla stocks a great range of wild bird food including seeds, mixes and suet varieties to help attract a great variety of wild birds to your garden. We also have a range of attractive feeders in various styles and designs to give an attractive addition to any garden, whilst making it easier to feed the birds and reducing mess and wastage of bird seed.  All our wild bird feeds and seed is of a high quality and we stock the leading brands of bird foods and feeders, including Gardman, Natures Feast, Bucktons, Johnston & Jeff, Johnsons, Nutripeck, Versele Laga and Willowbrook. You can be sure of qualtiy and service when you buy wild bird food online from Petzilla.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results