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Chinchillas are extremely sensitive creatures & if everything isn't right they get stressed out & unhappy. Start everything off right by giving them a highly nutritious diet, here at petzilla we stocka wide range of Chinchilla foods whether they enjoy pellets or muesli we are sure you will find what they enjoy the most

Ferrets need a unique diet to satisfy their carnivorous diet that dog or cat food can't suffice. Here at Petzilla we stock a high quality range of ferret foods with higher than average protein levels. Make sure you have a good look around to check out the discount prices with fast & free delivery also available.

Guinea pigs need a source of Vitamin C in their diet & cannot be fed rabbit food. That is why we have seperated the two furry animals so you can be certain that your Guinea pig is getting te nutrition it needs to thrive & be as happy as possible.

Hamsters like to stuff their cheeks with whatever the can get their jaws around, that is why we have put together a range of the tastiest & most nutiritous foods for your pet hamster. Whether your hamster loves pellets, muesli or will eat just about anything we have the perfect food for your budget & their appetite.

A wide range of small animals like Degus, Hedgehogs, Rats & Mice are still left over to feed. Each food here has been designed to provide these small animals with a complete diet by using top quality ingredients to help satisfy their needs. As always fast & free delivery options are available.

Whether your rabbit is big, small or teeny tiny we have the food for them. We also stock a wide range of muesli mixtures & pellets to help you find the best food for your furry friend. To keep your rabbit super happy & healthy suplement their diet with some of our small animal treats or some fresh fruit & veg. Available at discount prices with fast & free delivery options.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results