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Enriched Grain Mixtures are highly effective ways of filling in any nutrient deficiences without you having to measure out any extra pellets as they are already in the food. These foods are generally more expensive than classic grain mixtures but you will end up feeding less thanks to their increased nutrient density.

If your pigeon has certain deficiencies or simply cannot get in enough nutrients for their hectic lifestyle extruded pellets are a great way of supplementing their diet. Here at Petzilla we stock a range of extruded pellets from Versele Laga that have been designed to suit all types of racing pigeon or show pigeon that may need a little extra help.

Grain Mixtures are the classic way of feeding your pigeons. Here at Petzilla we stock a wide range of mixtures from leading brands like Versele laga, Johnston & Jeff & Bucktons. So whether you need a conditioning, breeding, moulting or depurative mix Petzilla is the efirst place to look.

Pigeons need grits to help them digest their food & get the most out of their grain mixtures. Minerals are also important as they provide the backbone for feather, skin, beak & claw growth. Many mineral supplements are combined with grits as birds find them more fun to peck apart and eat than a simple powder or pill. Here at Petzilla we stock a wide range of grits so you can find the right variety for your budget & your birds.

Straights for Pigeons

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results