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Petzilla offers a fantastic range of cat accessories. Look at our cat beds to find the perfect snoozing spot to make your cat comfortable at home, we also have scratching posts and toys to help keep your cat entertained whether you are around or they are left home alone. Also if your cat enjoys a wander we also have a range of cat flaps to give them a little extra freedom.

Petzilla offers an excellent range of cat toys. We stock top brands such as Kong and Good Girl. The available ranges include soft toys, interactive toys, scratchers, teasers and a variety of catnip toys. Choose from Kong Cat Wubbas to Kickeroos and you can always add a little catnip to add an extra dimension to your cats play time. Fast delivery and Free delivery options available

Petzilla stocks a great range of dog toys which includes many of the UK's biggest pet toy brands inclusing Kong, Good Boy, Danish Design, Rosewood, Hem & Boo and Petstages. Petzilla's dog toy range has something for all types of pet play, with plush soft dog toys for comfort, rope dog toys for tug games and durable rubber dog toys suitable for a dog with strong jaws! We even stock natural eco friendly dog toys. The Petzilla dog toy range provides dog toys in lots of different shapes and sizes for all breeds and sizes of dogs, from Chihuahua to Great Dane.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 results