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Petzilla offers a comprehensive range of pigeon feed which is able to provide the food for birds that need extra conditioning, moulting nutrients & trapping mixtures for birds preparing for a race. Petzilla offers a selecton of pigeon food to suit your birds needs, including breeding feeds, racing feeds, moulting feeds, straights and general purpose feeds. Free and Fast delivery options available.

Here at Petzilla we have collected a range of pigeon hygiene, treament & worming products to help you & yor birds get over rough patches in their health as smoothly as possible. The hygiene category encompasses products which ensure their environment is kept safe & clean, expect to find loft granules & disinfectants there. The Treatments range gives us a wide range of treatments for common & not so common issues that pigeons run into such as runny eyes, scaly legs, blocked noses & all sorts. The Wormers category is left seperate as tese products are much more specific in their need & use. Fast & Free delivery options are available.

Petzilla offers a comprehensive range of pigeon supplements and remedies. From leading brands including Versele-Laga and Harkers to buy online. We have a wide selecton of pigeon supplements for racing pigeons and show pigeons. From simple multivitamins to specialised products to aid recovery, moulting and growth. Free and fast delivery options are available.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 results