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Our collection of Activity toys encompasses a range of puzzles & boredom breakers that makes your dog work as hard as possible to get at their favourite snacks. Whether your pooch enjoys Nina Ottosons famous puzzles or are more into rolling boredom breakers which drop treats left & right we are sure you will find the best for your dog.

Plastic toys can be great fun for dogs that enjoy the wide range of shapes, sizes & squeaky noises available. Here at Petzilla we stock prett much everything from plastic bones to a squeaky pig to keep your dog entertained. Free & Fast Deliver options available.

At Petzilla we stock a wide range of soft dog toys that are great for your dog to carry around and cuddle. The majority of te toys in this category have a canvas construction that is kind on the dogs mouth, it also make sit comfier for the dog to grab. This range is much more suited towards softer dogs or puppies that need a cuddle buddy.

Throwing toys are the classic toys that dogs simply cannot get enough of. Whether they like to chase balls, or are after something that glides and whistles through the air we are sure to have it. We also stock a range of throwers which can easily boost the distance your throw travels giving your pooch a little more exercise.

Here at Petzilla we recognise that some dogs ust can't stop chewing and wrecking stuff, that is why we have the Tough Toys category. In here you will find nothing but the roughest & toughest toys made from pet fiendly materials just incase your dog does manage to make a mess. Of course no toy is indestructible so be wary when leaving our dog alone with their favourite toys.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 results