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During festive periods where there are loads of extra stressors your pooch can be easily freaked out by everything. Here at Petzilla we have accumulated a wide collection of calming treatments for dogs that need a helping hand during stressful periods. These morsels can also be useful for visits to the vet or if you know anoter boisterous dog will be coming round.

Looking after your dogs teeth should be on your grooming priority list, whether you want to give their teeth a good brush with the Arm & Hammer Teeth cleaning set or you want to freshen up their breath with some minty spray.

If used properly a flea & tick treatment can help prevent & alleviate the non stop itching & other issues that can arise from a bad flea outbreak. Several methods can be used whether it be oral, a spot on treatment or even a flea collar for long lasting relief, Petzilla stocks them all.

Petzilla is able to offer you a wide range of premium quality supplements that can help your pooch thrive & become as healthy as possible. Supplements are especially useful for boosting specific nutrients within a diet, as your dog may not be getting a complete diet or they struggle to absorb that specific nutrient. A wide range of supplements are available at discount prices with free & fast delivery options also available.

Whether you are looking for a first aid kit for your favourite furry friends or are looking for something more specific like eye & ear drops you'll be able to find it on Petzilla. Some things don't need a vet visit especially issues like your lawn being a victim to urine burn or a nick fro some brambles that is why petzilla have the Treatments category to help you out.

Worming your dog or puppy can be a logisitical nightmare but with the products we stock it couldn't be easier. We stock a range of products from Verm-X which provide your dog with a non-medicated herbal treatment that is safe to use when following the instructions carefully. Always seek a vet for advice when first worming your puppy.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results