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Petzilla offers a fantastic range of foods that are specific to each breeds needs. From maintenance to breeding or moulting, we have the right diet for your birds & the lifestage that they are at. Select from the best selling lines from Bucktons, Versele Laga, Johnston & Jeff & many more.

Caged Bird Grits & Minerals are essential for the overall health of your birds. Grits provide them with essential minerals for bone, beak & talon health whilst the grit is used in the stomach as teeth to aid digestion.

Here at Petzilla we stock a wide range of health snacks to give your feathered friends. Whether they enjoy dried fruit and nuts or they prefer pecking away at a honey glazed seed stick, we are sure that you will find something perfect for them.

Egg Food is an essential part of any breeding birds' diet, it supplies birds with the extra vitamins & minerals they need to maintain their conditioning whilst also creating a strong, solid egg giving the young bird the best chances possible. Egg Food can be fed to a wide range of caged birds & generally comes in a wet or dry variety depending on the birds particular tastes.

Hand Rearing Food is the ideal food for birds that have just hatched. Hand Rearing food is a specialist diet which is specifically used by breeders to give birds the nutrition they need to grow & develop into supremely healthy birds. All feeding instructions & mixing methods are supplied on the packaging to ensure you get the best out of the food.

We realise that many bird owners like to create their own mixtures to suit their specific needs, that is why we have stocked a wide range of seeds that come in straights so that you can be sure of what your bird is getting, whether you want to make a mix for your cockatoos, canaries, finches or budgies we are sure that you can make a wide range of mixtures.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 results