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Caged Bird Accessories

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Caged Bird Feeding Equipment is a place where you can find things that will make caring & feeding your bird or birds that little bit easier, helping to reduce mess during feeding time. We have bowls, dishes  drinkers that are suitable for birds of all sizes.

Petzilla offers a fantastic range of bird toys to help keep your bird or birds entertained when you are out & about.  Whether you are looking for something to give your feathered friend a treat or for something to keep them occupied in their cage we have just the thing for you. Fast and free delivery options available

Sand & Sheets are an essential piece of gear if you want to take good care of your happy little bird. Sand acts like a litter or the larger pieces ar eaten to aid in digestion & mineral uptake. The sand sheets are also important for keeping beaks & talons healthy & sharp to help keep injuries during feeding down to a minimum. A wide range of these products are now available on PetZilla for discount prices with fast, free delivery options available.

Caged Bird travel Accessories are essential for the safe & easy trasportation of your birds out of their current aviary & somewhere else that might be a little more fun. In this category we have smaller cages suitable for travel & padded nets which make capturing your bird or bird a lot easier without causing them harm.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results